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Wet Room Installation

At Ambient, we’ll make sure that your bathroom is fitted with a wet room that will add that extra touch of luxury to your home, whilst always keeping functionality and quality in mind.

Elevate Your Bathroom Style

Is your bathroom looking too run-of-the-mill for your tastes? Would you like to add more character to it and make it more visually appealing?

Homeowners are increasingly preferring to shower rather than take a bath, leading to a rise in walk-in showers but also more recently wet rooms.

Walk-in showers feature a couple of glass screens and a low-level shower tray. Wet rooms are typically open, making for the ultimate walk-in shower with the water flowing through a drain in the floor.

Both walk-in showers and wet rooms provide the functionality and luxury you’ll want from a shower, but wet rooms add a more elegant aesthetic into the mix and are the ultimate in luxury. This is why as of 2019 more than 5% of UK homes now have wet rooms in them.

Enjoy the following advantages with wet rooms and walk-in showers:

  • Luxury — Replace your regular run of the mill showers with an opulent bathing experience. Showering doesn’t have to be just a necessity; with wet rooms, it’s now also a luxury.
  • Contemporary look — The sky’s the limit when designing your walk-in shower. You can play around with a myriad of styles to reflect your personality and/or use a variety of accessories like rainfall showerheads, lights, and even music.
  • Increase the value of your home — If used as a second bathroom, wet rooms can increase the value of your property should you decide to sell in the future.
  • Space-saving — Wet rooms are not just form-over-function installations. It can also have its practical uses, especially with homes that have limited spaces for bathrooms. You don’t need bulky fittings or fixtures (which traditional showers have), therefore saving you space whilst giving you an easy minimalist style.
  • Ease of cleaning — Since wet rooms have fewer fittings and fixtures than walk-in showers, you only need to clean the walls, floors, and the one piece of frameless glass (if you choose to have it). You don’t have to deal with the usual dirt and grime that plague walk-in shower trays.
  • Safety for all users — Without a shower tray, people with disabilities, as well as the elderly, can easily access the wet room. This particular demographic is, in fact, credited as a key driver of the increase in wet room demand. It’s also safer for younger children, as they won’t trip and slip over the tray. Given this safety feature, wet rooms have become all that more appealing to those living in multi-generational households.
    A Professional Wet Room & Walk-in Shower Installation Servic

A Professional Wet Room & Walk-in Shower Installation Service

  • Drainage — Since you won’t have a tray anymore, we’ll make sure that there’s an efficient drainage system in place to keep the entire shower room from flooding. We’ll install sealed tanking membrane (whether it’s for concrete or timbered floors) as well as a slight gradient on the floor for any water that goes out of the shower area.
  • Ventilation — Without proper ventilation, mould can infest your otherwise pristine shower room. If the windows are too small, we’ll install an extractor fan for better airflow circulation.
  • Waterproofing — Waterproofing is essential in wet rooms, as these do not typically have shower enclosures to keep the water from escaping. To prevent any water damage, our process includes priming the floor and the wall area around the shower and then covering it with a syrupy membrane. We can also increase the bathroom door threshold as an added containment setup.
  • Tile Fitting — After waterproofing, we can then install slip-resistant tiles for the safety of the people in your home.
  • Underfloor Heating — Although this is an optional feature, you can also choose to have underfloor heating to provide additional warmth to the users. It will also help dry the bathroom quicker, minimising the risk of mould development.
  • Design — Do you want an open plan wet room or would you like to have a glass screen installed? Either way, our team will sit down with you, find out your preferences, and discuss the options you have.
  • Bespoke Shower Enclosures — If you want your wet room to look unique, we can custom build it according to the design you have in mind. You can choose from different surface materials (e.g. sheet vinyl, Corian, etc.) or from a wide range of accessories (e.g. showerheads, lighting). Tell us your vision and we’ll bring it to life.

Why Choose Ambient Installations Ltd?

At Ambient Heating & Plumbing, we have over a decade of experience and our team of heating engineers and plumbers are the best of the best when it comes to skills, professionalism and customer service. We are endorsed by Trusted Traders, and our engineers are all Gas Safety Certified.

We offer our services to those located in Bristol and the South West. We understand how important home renovations are for our clients, so we provide a warranty for five years with any installation that we accomplish. This guarantee covers labour and materials.

Remember that if you don’t let a professional handle your wet room installation, leaking water may cause bigger (and much more expensive) damage to your home.


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