The latest trend to hit Bristol homeowners is the idea of a wet room. Once considered to be a luxurious shower solution that only the rich and famous could afford, the benefits of having a wet room at home makes this a feasible option for just about any homeowner.

What is a Wet Room?

Imagine an entire room in your home designed to get wet. The space is tiled from floor to ceiling, and a special drain has been installed in the centre to carry away all moisture. You have the option of one or multiple shower heads to spray water at you, all controlled by classic bathroom fixtures. This is a room, made waterproof by the tiling, so there is no need to step up or into a bathtub or shower enclosure. Plumbers in Bristol are able to install this unique feature by converting your current bathroom space into a more spacious one.

Why are Wet Rooms Becoming So Popular for Bristol Homeowners?

A wet room is a space saving option in the bathroom. By eliminating the shower cubicle, you are able to open the bathroom space tremendously. This is especially appealing to those who are dealing with a small bathroom to begin with. They are also more practical for older Bristolians who have limited mobility which makes stepping up into a shower cubicle or bathtub difficult. The floor is flush to the rest of the room, utilising a drain at its centre to prevent any water from pooling into the adjoining space.

Of course they are also considered to be a very stylish bathroom renovation for Bristol homeowners. You have a range of different options to consider, starting at the size of your wet room to the style of its fixtures. Some are completely set apart from the other bathroom fixtures, while larger wet rooms can be designed to encompass all bathroom needs.

A wet room can be a part of the main bathroom, or designed as an en-suite if space allows. A number of Bristol homeowners make this a feature of a second bathroom since these tend to be smaller. The more practical design allows for better utilisation of the small space that they are dealing with.

What are the Drawbacks to a Wet Room?

A professional plumber in Bristol can help you decide if your property is suitable for a wet room. For example, a family style house will not want to eliminate a bath entirely, as this is a feature that is needed for small children. A plumber could help you to find a way to incorporate a wet room into the bathroom, while still keeping other necessary fixtures. If not, this could have a negative impact on the value of your property.

Some of the new build flats and apartments in Central Bristol often come with a smaller bathroom, so you need to think about the other bathroom furniture and fixtures that will be inside of the wet room. Towels and paper can be affected by the water, so you will need to design the space where towel rolls are as far removed from the shower head as possible. Also keep in mind what guests will see and experience if they were to use your bathroom while visiting.

Is a Wet Room Installation an Expensive Proposition?

The growth in popularity of wet rooms amongst property owners in Bristol has led to affordable options to make it plausible. A plumber will first need to assess the plumbing in your current bathroom, but in most cases will have no trouble with making some minor changes to accommodate your wet room. The largest expense comes from the extensive amount of tile work that is needed, but your plumber can steer you towards options that are both affordable and practical.

If designed right, a wet room is not only a convenient addition to your home, it is one that can increase the value of your property. A great plus in Bristol right now with property prices increasing so much. Homeowners are becoming increasingly intrigued by this alternative shower arrangement, making it a great selling point for homes of any size.

Speak with an expert plumber in Bristol about your options for installing a wet room in your home. They will look at your existing bathrooms and help you to devise a practical plan that makes the best use of the space you have to incorporate this sought after feature in your own home.