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Plumbers & Bathroom Installation in St. George

Based in St. George? Whether you’re a small shop owner, pub landlord, private homeowner or renter, at Ambient Heating we can accommodate any job, no matter how big or small.


Plumbing & Bathroom Installation Services in St George

St George is a district of Bristol that lies to the eastern side of the city. It was originally outside of the Bristol city boundary but in 1866 the area became the civil parish of Bristol St George.

From the early 19th century, St George was a mining area, until 1904 when the last fireclay mines were abandoned. One local landmark in St George is Troopers’ Hill Chimney. In 1995 the Hill was declared a Local Nature Reserve. With its recognisable crooked chimney at the top of the hill and stunning views, Troopers Hill provides a fascinated mix of history, scenery and wildlife.

Another interesting landmark in St George (covering the BS5 postcode area) is the St George Fountain located on Church Road, St George’s main street. At this Victorian water fountain, the road forks, becoming Summerhill Road to Hanham and Clouds Hill Road to Kingswood.

Church Road is an up and coming area for food and nightlife and is home to many quality bars, restaurants and shops. One stylish restaurant on the Church Road is The Lock-Up. This trendy eatery has a great selection of wines and beers, alongside a creative menu.

St George Park is a beautiful Victorian Park, which is a popular spot to meander around the tree-lined paths, lay a picnic out next to the lake, have a game of tennis on the courts or take the kids to the children’s playground. Many Bristolians consider St George’s park to be one of the nicest in the city in fact.

Our St George plumbing and bathroom service includes:


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